Preventing Pain is a Top Priority at Liberty Vision | New Haven’s Place for LASIK

December 8, 2014

Dr. Jeffrey Gold at Liberty Vision has performed over 11,000 laser vision correction procedures in his career as an eye surgeon. "Preventing pain is a top priority" says the doctor, who has won the New Haven Advocate Readers' Poll as the Best Place for LASIK several years running. His patients love him, and cite his patience and attention to detail as reasons why they refer him to their friends and family.

"There are many steps that we take, before, during and after surgery to prevent pain, and manage anything that would cause pain as the patient recovers. The whole trick is to prevent inflammation, because in eye surgery, if you can prevent inflammation, you can prevent pain" Dr. Gold outlined the steps as follows: "Several days before surgery the patient begins using anti-inflammatory eye drops. When the patients arrive at our in-office surgical center, they take oral prednisone. Then, near the end of the procedure we use a cold saline solution to prevent the "inflammatory cascade", which is what would cause pain, if it were allowed to happen. Patients are also given eye drops to take home, which contain a very dilute anesthetic that they can use as often as once an hour to manage any discomfort at home.  Most patients never have to use the pain drops.  They also use steroid eye drops for a few days. "My patients rarely need to use the "pain drops" because of all of the steps we take to prevent the pain from happening in the first place."

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is an award winning surgeon who practices at Liberty Vision in Hamden Connecticut.