What to Expect After Epi-LASIK: Sleep Goggles

September 5, 2014


Part of the natural healing process after laser vision correction surgery is a regrowth of the surface cells of the cornea. While the cells are naturally regenerating, the doctor will advise you not to disturb your eyes in any way. This includes showering with the spray of water hitting you from behind, avoiding cigarette smoke and lawn cutting, and most importantly, not rubbing your eyes.

While patients are awake, it's easy to remember not to rub the eyes. But during sleep, many patients tend to rub their eyes without even knowing that they do. Because of this, your doctor should give you sleep goggles. The goggles can be small, and simply attached to your face with small pieces of scotch tape. Most patients are able to stop wearing their sleep goggles after two weeks. Watch the video and hear Molly's experience with her sleep goggles.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is an award-winning surgeon. He is the medical director of Liberty Vision in Hamden Connecticut. He can often be seen on CT Style, the WTNH lifestyle show that airs weekdays at 9:00AM.