How to Choose a Laser Vision Correction Center

September 4, 2014

Meet Jackie. She visited one of the larger LASIK surgery centers in Connecticut for her first initial consultation. She was looking forward to having her vision corrected. During her appointment she saw only technicians, and they all gave her conflicting advice on the safety of her having her vision corrected. At the end of her appointment she did meet with an actual doctor, but not the doctor who was going to perform the surgery. Even that Dr. wasn't sure if she was a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Though this large surgical center could not give Jackie a definite answer on whether she was a good candidate for LASIK they still offered to take her payment for the procedure!

Obviously, Jackie left the surgical center not feeling comfortable allowing them to operate on her.

Through some family friends Jackie was referred to Liberty Vision and Dr. Gold. She came for an initial screening and was quite surprised that she met only with the doctor who is going to be performing her procedure. She said she felt very comfortable with Dr. Gold and his confidence in his ability to correct her vision safely.

Follow Jackie's story in the coming weeks and months to see how she's doing with her vision correction.

Dr. Jeffrey Gold is an award-winning surgeon who has performed more than 11,000 vision correction procedures. He is the medical director at liberty Vision in Hamden Connecticut.