Liberty Vision vs. Big CT Laser Center

September 4, 2014

There are a couple of large, well-known laser vision correction centers in Connecticut. You often see these laser centers advertised on television. Our patient Jackie went to one of these laser centers recently. She was given extremely conflicting advice about whether LASIK surgery would be safe for her. First she was told by one technician that her corneas were too flat. Then she was told by another technician that her corneas were fine. She was told she was not a candidate by one technician, and told by another technician that she was a candidate. IN SPITE OF THE CONFLICTING OPINIONS AT THIS LARGE LASER CENTER, THE DOCTOR SUGGESTED TO JACKIE THAT SHE SCHEDULE HER SURGERY THE NEXT WEEK!

She related the experience to being treated like an animal being prodded from one technician to another. Fortunately, Jackie was referred to Dr. Jeffrey Gold by some family friends. She came to Liberty Vision for a second opinion and was happy to learn that Dr. Gold thought she was a very good candidate for the state-of-the-art technology called Epi-LASIK laser vision correction.

Follow Jackie's progress in the coming weeks and months to see how her procedure turns out.