Consumer Updates: The Pros and Cons of Contact Lenses for Kids

August 18, 2014

teen boy with contact lens

The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) recently posted an article for consumers which describes the pros and cons of contact lenses for kids. Here at Liberty Vision we get asked that question a lot, so we thought we'd share the well-written article with our patients.

After Harry Potter and the rise of "geek" culture, lots of kids consider wearing eyeglasses fashionable, and even downright "cool." Still, the day may come when your son or daughter comes to you and asks for contact lenses.
There are some good reasons to say "yes," and there are also reasons to say "no."

Read the Rest of The FDA Article Here


According to the FDA, there are some basic Pros & Cons to consider when deciding whether to allow your pre-teen or teen to get contact lenses:

Pros of saying YES to contact lenses vs. glasses for teens:

  • Risk of injury from breaking lenses or frames while playing sports is reduced
  • Peripheral vision for driving and sports is improved
  • Very nearsighted kids may have an improved quality of vision with contacts
  • Studies show improved self-perception with kids 8-11 who wear contacts

Cons of saying YES to contact lenses for teens:

  • Teens may not be ready to use contact lenses safely and responsibly
  • Eye infections and abrasions from contacts accounted for 1/4 of all  ER visits among teens in 2010
  • Contacts are not recommended for kids under 13
  • Kids find all kinds of ways to push the limits of good hygiene making use of contacts more dangerous
  • Teens may be tempted to sleep in their lenses, which is never recommended
  • Teens will still need to wear safety glasses or goggles for sports