Lauren’s Testimonial 10 days Post Epi-LASIK Surgery

July 25, 2014

Patient Lauren with Dr. Gold after surgery for eli lasik

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I'm Lauren. I had corrective surgery 10 days ago.

For the first 3 days after surgery things were still blurrier instead of better.

So I was wondering what day I would actually be able to see better and on the fourth day after surgery I woke upand I could see really clearly for the first time. That was a great moment!

And today, 10 days later I can say there's no pain, just a little bit of dryness in the morning.

One of the best moments was gettiing out of the shower- I think it was day four or five. I Pulled back the curtain and I saw myself in the mirror, and I startled. I realized I'd never been able to see myself getting out of the shower since maybe 5th grade!

So, that was kind of cool and surprising to me!

And how's your vision right now?

It's perfect as far as I can tell!