The Best Options for Laser Vision Correction

April 17, 2014

Dr Gold with Teresa DuFour and a patient on CT Style

Dr. Jeffrey D. Gold is an award winning eye surgeon who has performed over 11,000 laser vision correction procedures. This is a transcript of his appearance on WTNH's Connecticut Style show with Teresa DuFour in April 2014.


Teresa DuFour: Each year thousands of people are saying "so long" to wearing glasses and contacts and electing to have laser vision correction. How safe is it and how do you know if the procedure is right for you?

Dr. Gold:

So it's a fairly popular procedure and lots of people are having it done each year. Actually almost a million people in the United States alone are having laser vision correction and worldwide it's something like three million.

Teresa: And the satisfaction rate is through the roof!

Dr. Gold: The satisfaction rate is unbelievable! More than 95% of patients worldwide are satisfied and 96% would do it again. We hear a lot about the safety of the procedure. I get a lot of questions about how safe is this really? It's incredibly safe and we can observe that by  the statistics of the physicians that are having this done. Physicians have the wherewithal to research these things from a different perspective than the general popluation, and yet physicians are having this done as well as their families!

There was a study done in 2014 at the Cleveland Clinic at their Cole Eye Institute about the long term follow up of laser vision correction in physicians. About quality of life and patient satisfaction and over a course of several years they did the procedure.

They studied 132 doctors, 9 of whom were actually ophthalmologists. And of those 9 ophthalmologists, 8 were very satisfied and the other one had dry eye, so he was uncomfortable. But in 7 of 8 of those their uncorrected vision after surgery than their best corrected vision before surgery!

And all of them were better prepared to do the procedures that they do afterwards, without having to deal with glasses or contact lenses.

Teresa: Now also there are some statistics from the Joint Lasik Study Task Force

Dr. Gold: This is from the world literature, everything was pulled together and 97% had the same or better best corrected vision after surgery and 96% would have repeated it if they needed to. And in 2013 the international society of refractive surgery (this is a group of doctors from around the world who does this kind of surgery) and 40% of the responding ophthalmologists have had the procedure done! 34% of their spouses 26% of their children and this is really dramatic, 72% of the responding ophthalmologists said  at least one of their siblings have had it done. I've personally done this for two of my siblings.

Teresa: So obviously if your family is going to undergo it, it's something that's very trustworthy, and those numbers were through the roof!

And lets talk a little bit about your practice doctor. What's unique is that you do all of the pre-operative testing yourself.

Dr Gold:  Right, in a lot of practices around, they're high volume practices, and patients don't even get to meet the surgeon before the day of the surgery. Whereas in my practice the first person they meet is me. I do their screening to determine if they are candidates. I explain the procedure and give them their options I have one assistant who does the custom scan. The reason she does it is that she's better at it than I am. I obviously do the surgery and I do all of the post-operative care myself.