Ask for Custom LASIK for Best Vision Correction Results

March 21, 2014
The purpose for custom laser vision correction is because not every eye is completely uniform on it's surface. Each patient must be evaluated individually to determine the best course of treatment with the laser. 
A machine called an Orbscan is used to determine the unique shape of the patient's cornea. 
patient at orbscan

A patient at the Orbscan

When a less experienced surgeon treats the eye as if the surface was uniform, s/he would create an eye that did not have good quality vision after performing vision correction surgery. For a custom LASIK procedure, the orbscan shows the surgeon precise information about the quality, thickness and surface of the patient's cornea so that the best outcome can be created for the patient's vision. Be sure your surgeon reviews the results of your Orbscan with you before you decide on surgery.
Orbscan Report image

An Orbscan

When you choose custom lasik, the Orbscan identifies 6000 points on the surface of the eye. The laser can then treat each point individually and create a perfect surface. With custom LASIK the patient can generally expect a great outcome and clear vision.