Why I Had Laser Refractive Surgery and How it Benefitted Me

October 11, 2013

Image of Michael Garofalo wearing radio headset


Michael Garofalo, Local Connecticut Radio and TV Personality with Clear Channel Communications, Hartford CT

"From simple things such as seeing exits on the highway to reading things on the computer screen, Epi-LASIK has changed my life for the better in all aspects. Now with my new gig on TV I can see the teleprompter easily and read all computer screens and scripts very easily.

I would rate Liberty Vision as "excellent" in all categories: Professionalism, Courtesy, Patient Care, Office Environment, and Front Desk were all amazing and comfortable.

I have already recommended this practice to my friends and family. Liberty Vision and Dr. Gold gave me surgery options than I didn't even know existed. Dr. Gold is very thorough and professional. He surpassed my expectations, and even my recovery was much faster than I expected."

-Michael Garofalo, age 26