Patient Testimonial Cynthia Maguire February 2013

February 28, 2013


epi-Lasik, epi-lasik CT, Laser vision correction Connecticut

"The people at Liberty Vision are truly wonderful and kind." -CM

Epi-Lasik Connecticut, Best Laser Vision Correction CT

"I knew exactly what to expect from the procedure." -CM








What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?

I like the fact that Dr. Gold, Vicky & Sylvana are all very friendly and reassuring. I knew exactly what to expect from the procedure, so as it was a bit scary and uncomfortable at times, it was expected.

What do you like about Dr. Gold?

Dr. Gold is such a genuinely nice, patient, and likeable person.

What do you like about our staff?

Truly wonderful, kind people. I never felt rushed or that I was bothering anyone. Also Vicky is very accomodating as far as scheduling appointments.

In what area or way could we improve our service?

I really don't know. It's pretty much perfect now! :-)

Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?

Absolutely!! I have told many people already about how wonderful both the procedure and  this practice are.