Patient Testimonial Blake Hadsell February 2013

February 22, 2013


Pain Free Epi-LASIK

Blake Hadsell Before Vision Correction

CT Epi-LASIK Laser Vision Correction

So Happy! it was nearly painless!







What do you like about the procedure you underwent , or the experience of having the procedure done?

I can now see very clearly and I don't have to worry about contacts or eyeglasses anymore. Also the surgery was fast healing and didn't take long to do. It was almost painless.

What do you like about Dr. Gold?

He is very informative and helpful with questions. He is respectful and polite. He is a great person and does amazing work!

What do you like about our staff?

They are awesome!

In what area or way can we improve our service?


Would you recommend this procedure to family and/or friends?