Patient Testimonial Mark Botta ~December 2012

February 8, 2013
New Technology in Laser Vision Correction is Safer that LASIK

Our patients are very well prepared for their laser vision correction surgery.

Epi-Lasik Hamden New Haven

Mark Botta loved the care and professionalism in the office.







What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?

The final results are amazing. Dr. Gold and his staff educated and informed me so well that I was prepared for the results during the first few weeks.

What do you like about Dr. Gold?

Dr. Gold is obviously very personable but it was his willingness to take the time to educate me in an honest and forthright manner. He assuaged my fears and led me to go forward.

What do you like about our staff?

Everyone bent over backward to accomodate, educate and assure me.

In what way could be improve our service?

You couldn't! The whole experience was stellar!

Would you recommend this procedure to family or friends?