Patient Testimonial Matthew Bertonica May 2012

January 15, 2013

Pre-Surgery and feeling confident!







What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?

I felt if any issue were to come up or problems experienced, Dr. Gold would be available to address them quickly. I also appreciated the detail, knowledge and care that Dr. and his staff fave and know.

What do you like about Dr. Gold?

-His experience, knowledge, availablity and his patience in answering questions.

-That I didn't have to worry about certain issues.

What do you like about our staff?

They explained everything and anything that needed to be done and their caring consideration.

In what area or way could we improve our service?

-It all jus happened so quick, not that it's bad or good- but I wasn't expecting it to be over so soon, I guess.

-I was quiet impressed with pre-op through my one month visit

Would you recommend this procedure to your family and friends?

Yes if they woud not be nervous. For me the worst part was the burning sensation Friday through Sunday. If they could get through that, I would definitely recommend this to anyone considering traditional lasik to get this procedure instead, and especially with Dr. Gold