Ten tips for improving your ocular health

December 19, 2012
Eye Health

Wellness "best practices" for your eyes

1) Stop Smoking. Nicotine is higlly addictive and a smoking cessation program in your community is probably a good idea for maximum success.

2) Eat More Fruits and Vegetables. Ideally 5-9 servings a day to get the phytochemicals you need to protect against cataracts and other macular degenerative issues.

3)  Reduce or eliminate meat and dairy products. Loaded with cholesterol and lacking fiber, they are loaded with cancer-inducing agents.

4) Aviod refined foods. Anything in a "crinkly bag" or a can is nutrient poor and loaded wiht salt. Eat real food!

5) Consume Omega-3 Fatty Acids.  Flaxseed meal or chia seeds are a great way to get your omega-3's without worrying about the  mercury contained in fish products.

6) Eat a very low fat diet. This will reduce your risk of age-related macular degeneration.

7) Reduce sugar intake.  Sugars contribute to disease. Plain and simple.

8)  Avoid caffeine.  It can cause a rise in eye pressure that is linked to glaucoma. Drink 8-10 glasses of pure water each day for optimal health.

9) Avoid juices.  They lack fiber and are calorie dense. Consume the whole fruit or vegetable instead.

10) Exercise and lose weight. Simply walking for 30 minutes a day lowers your risk for disease, helps you shed pounds and improves your vascular health. No gym membership required.

Excerpted from Preventative Medicine in Ophthalmology, April 2012 Brian Will, MD