Epi-LASIK Patient Lesley F. , Granby CT

October 11, 2012

~ Testimonial October 2012

"The procedure was painless and I enjoy not wearing my glasses anymore!"

What do you like about the procedure you underwent, or the experience of having the procedure done?

The procedure was painless which is always good. I enjoy not losing my glasses anymore.

What do you like about Dr. Gold?

Dr. Gold is very calming throughout the procedure and explains the process very thoroughly so there is no wondering.

What do you like about our staff?

Very Friendly & Helpful

In what area could we improve our service?

I don’t know of anything except moving closer to my area of CT. Being a participant in my insurance for LASIK would help.

Would you recommend this procedure to your family and/or friends?

Yes I would.  With my astigmatism not cooperating after surgery, Dr. Gold saw me each month until everything was satisfactory.