Caring For Your Eyes on a Daily Basis

July 24, 2012
Eye Health

Caring for your eyes is an essential part of maintaining optimal health.

Have you ever wondered if there were some simple steps that you could take every day to show your eyes some special attention?  Well, according to Eye Care Magazine, here are some simple ways you can do just that!
Allowing your eyes to take a little rest by putting the palms of your hands over each eye without applying any pressure can help to block out light.  This small break from our busy and overwhelming world can allow your eye muscles to relax and rejuvenate.
Another tip for those of you who have to be in front of a computer monitor at work or at home is to dim the lights around your work space in order to reduce the glare that tends to bounce off of monitors.  Also, positioning your screen as far away from your eyes as possible can help you to avoid eye strain.  Look away from the computer monitor once every twenty minutes or so to give your eyes a break.
When using chemicals to clean or around the house, be sure to read and follow the directions before using the products.  Dangerous chemicals can have the potential to damage eyes!
And lastly, for women who wear mascara, Eye Care Magazine recommends applying it to only the tips of your lashes, since getting too close to the roots could block glands that help to form tears, which can lead to dryness and pain.  By following these simple and easy steps, your eyes will be thanking you!